X SPACE (2021)

Space X, is a kind of unknown parallel world which is in the same world as the one we know. Using the negatives of the photographs taken, we seem to discover a lunar world, almost abstract, which blurs our perspectives. The title of the series also echoes to Space X, the company owned by Elon Musk, one of whose projects named Starlink is to send satellites to create a satellite network in order to extend the global coverage of a satellite internet service. A real satellite highway in orbit around the Earth, since there are currently about 3000 of them.

It seems that two worlds meet in one world : a place belonging to all, the sky, is "confiscated" by an ambitious billionaire. Isn't this invasion of space around us an attack on our freedom to choose which stars we want to see ? Espace X represents this sudden and unwanted invasion by an unknown entity, which imposes itself on us like a new principle of reality and which disrupts our most primary landmarks, our relationship to everything we know. It's when the supernatural, science fiction imposes itself on us as our new, very real nature. It is diving into the black hole of existential questions, discovering our new nature which does not belong to us, and which nevertheless seems so close to who we were. We feel no difference ; yet the world outside of us seems to make us understand that a new paradigm still misunderstood is at work, and reverses our way of seeing, of understanding, of interacting, of existing. A new insane path appears, a new but to our lives takes over and brings us into the darkness of a self so familiar, yet so unknown.

This chaotic new world no longer has any law. I am terrified. My feelings ? Scary. Decoupled. My emotions explode like a colliding asteroid. My thoughts no longer make sense. The remains of who I was are lost in the nothingness of an unknown world. My beliefs ? Sprayed aboard a space mission heading to the Planet of the Apes. Ground control to Major Tom, can you hear me all night long ? I don't know if I could find back the Earth I knew ...


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