“Salty Wound” is a series between dream and reality. It is a tribute to the poem "Paradise is very fragile" by Elizabeth Grant. Like the Beat Poetry that took place in the United States during the 1950s, this series articulates images like phrases or rhymes of shapes, textures and colors, with light colors as the leitmotif. Its purpose is rather to evoke than to represent. This series, like a kind of pictorial poetry, invites the viewer to contemplate the abstract and the figurative at the same time. Indeed, the border between the world of the conscious and the unconscious seems to be erased to give way to the feelings and the imagination of the spectator. “My goal was to make the border between the inner and outer world permeable, in order to reflect both physical and psychic states where reality confronts the unreal. Can we doubt about what we feel to be reality? »

Indeed, disillusion comes to stain what could seem to be an ode to wide open spaces. The lack of landmarks blurs the scales; the textures could appear there as body parts, skins. Nature and personified landscapes then make photography a witness to a vulnerability specific to the living. It seems to make a kind of inventory of a reality sometimes ephemerally immaculate, sometimes damaged or trying to resist. This nature, which is not without limits, seems to want to disappear, like an ink being absorbed by the white of a blotting paper.

Isn't the Paradise the poem is talking about basically the most luminous part of ourselves, which we must not lose sight of (even if it means exhausting ourselves to defend it) ? Or is it, on the contrary, an illusion dreamed up to protect ourselves from the darkness that can constitute or surround us in this world ? This fight to keep what is purest in us and in what surrounds us is exhausting : it seems impossible to come out unscathed. Some salty wounds never heal ; they leave scars associated with acid memories.


Photos from the series are available for sale in limited, signed and numbered copies.
They are also sold with a certificate of authenticity. For more information, I invite you to send me an email.



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