"I care about my woman" is a personal series, in which I approach the notions of gender and intimacy. These photographs were took at the young person's own flat. They look at the lens with a latter look, in a neutral and non-claiming way, as if caught on the spot during a brunch, in an outfit that might not seem to belong to them since it is generally considered feminine. It is as if they woke up and took the first clothes they found. "I wanted to show through this series the fact of recognizing one's feminine side, accepting it, taking care of it, cultivating it, and nourishing it".

The sometimes funny, sometimes satirical stagings are full of details that produces an astonishing contrast with the objective gaze of the model. The repetition of round shapes as a leitmotiv, which can evoke the moon, directly refers to an anatomical part common to all sexes, and also symbolizes a universal femininity with which I believe everyone can relate to. If this series deals with the notion of multiple and complex identity, as well as the freedom to relate to one gender rather than another, it also questions the different relationships of the people who constitute it : do we see couples, friends, people from the same family, single people ?

In a world where the quest for identity - especially gender - can become dizzying, how are our social relations articulated beyond the whirlwinds of prejudice and sometimes misleading appearances ? Is it possible to unite, or would it be better to just reunite ?


Photos from the series are available for sale in limited, signed and numbered copies.
They are sold with a certificate of authenticity. For more information, I invite you to send me an email.



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