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You will find here all the information to make a collaboration, as well as the form to fill in at the bottom of the page in order to propose your application.

It is advisable to read the FAQ.



1/6 - "What is a photographic collaboration?"

Here, I propose you to be one of my models in order to promote and develop my activity. In exchange, you will get the edited photographs, free of charge. However, this is quite different from a command ; indeed, the stylistic choices will be up to me. Also, the quantity of photographs delivered will vary depending on the project and my needs, and can in no way be discussed. It is most of the times between 5 and 10, but can also be less. 

2/6 - "Can anyone participate to the casting?"

Yes ! However, an online portfolio will be a great help to show off your skills. This is not necessarily essential, but is still recommended for your profile to be retained. If you don't have an online portfolio, a "public" Instagram profile may be appropriate.

3/6 - "After how long will I possibly be contacted again?"

In general, you can be contacted again in less than a month. However, if at the end of this period of time you have had no response, it is possible that no current project corresponds to your profile. It may also be that your portfolio is not complete enough or that it does not highlight you enough. In this case, you can fill in the form again after having expanded your portfolio. If you want to have a photo session that meets your needs, without waiting, I advise you to order a session.

4/6 - "What is the image rights cession contract ? Is it important?"

An image rights cession contract defines and legally frames the use of your image. This contract protects the photographer, but also protects you from the use made of the photographs, so that no harmful exploitation is carried out. This contract is therefore essential : it must be completed in two original copies at the end of the photoshoot (one for you, one for the photographer). If you are -18yo, the image rights cession contract must be signed by one of your legal representatives. His presence will therefore be necessary at the end of the photo shoot.

5/6 - "Will I be able to use the photographs that will be delivered to me?"

Yes, you can use the photographs taken, but only for your personal use. You can therefore use them for your online portfolio, share them with your family and friends, use them on social networks,... However, you cannot use them for commercial purposes (poster, album cover, etc...), or sell them, by any means whatsoever.

6/6 - "How to publish the photographs online?"

It is important to understand that as a photographer, I remain the sole owner of the rights to the photos, even if it is you appearing on the photographs. Also, the mention "©Paul D'Arcangela" must be present next to each photograph published. It is also essential that my work can be seen as it is. This implies that the images must not be modified, retouched or cropped in any way. As for Instagram, the Whitagram application allows you to add borders to photographs to prevent them from being cropped by Instagram iOS link / Android link. The use of such an application is therefore highly recommended !



If after clicking on "send", the fields are empty again, this means that your application has been sent ! 😊

I thank you in advance for your participation.


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